Managing Director

For more than 30 years, lighting industry specialist, Reg Campbell has been servicing high-end residential and commercial projects in Perth, Western Australia. Noticing a gap in the marketplace, Reg wanted to expand his services and created Sii LIGHT to fulfil an architectural design-based lighting consultancy and distribution network that serviced Australia nation-wide. Reg’s vision is realised through premium product, strong work relationships and personalised service to create standout spaces.



Sales Consultant

Mark’s eye for architecture started when he first discovered skateboarding and his aesthetic is constantly developing. Mark loves exploring new cultures and countries and holds a business degree from ECU. Understanding the importance of the collaborative design process, and the demand for commercially sound solutions, Mark’s attention to detail ensures that each project receives the responsiveness that it deserves.



Marketing Director Business Development

Gillian has been involved in various international creative projects since completing a Bachelor of Arts (Communications) and Commerce from The University of Western Australia. Gillian brings a well-rounded approach to business development that is highly industry focused and reflects her interests in architecture, design, photography and media.



Warehouse Logisitics

Working closely with Reg and Lauren, Stewart manages Sii LIGHT logistics to ensure project orders and deliveries are received on time. Stewart’s interest in technical products and mechanics provides a solid base for troubleshooting. Solution oriented, Stewart works hard to provide a strong support structure to the Sii LIGHT sales team.



Account Manager

Lauren works across all key accounts and is responsible for the procurement and execution of projects by working directly with our suppliers, liaising with logistics and sales she ensures timely processing and delivery of all orders. Client focused and detail oriented, Lauren oversees all aspects of operations to ensure prompt customer relations.

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